Healthy Recipes For Wellness And Longevity

Healthy Recipes for wellness and longevity pave the way to longer life and also an improved path to vitality.

This is a great way to start on the road to a healthier lifestyle by making health nutrition a part of your daily diet.

It is very important to start eating healthy to promote longevity, health, and wellness. You might not know where and how to get started but this page will provide some information easy follow to get you on your way to good nutrition.

The best way to achieve good result is to start with your healthy recipes for breakfast in the morning, and as the day progresses, you can have another one.

You can certainly add years to your life by taking nutrition extracted food to improve your health. You will be able to wake up in the morning feeling the vigor and vitality it will add to your health.

Health recipes could be used interchangeably based on the fact that they are referring to the same factor that could enhance and prolong good health.

Nutrition extracted food may also help to lower your blood pressure and cholesterol level. Healthy recipes will provide the body with the essential nutrients for proper functioning.

Healthy Recipes For The Immune System

The Immune System The Foundation For Wellness and Longevity

The Immune System Plays a Vital Role in Our Existence  and that's the reason why our diet and lifestyle play an important role where the immune system is concerned based on the fact that it provides the protection for the body to operate at its maximum. Healthy recipes are designed to nurture the immune system.

Top 10 Healthy Alkalizing Foods To Alkalize Your Body to improve your overall health, mood, and energy

1. Watermelon - For the kidneys

2. Lemon - Add water to you lemon juice

3. Mangoes - Strong in antioxidant

4. Papayas

5. Asparagus - Has high PH

6. Grapes - High in antioxidants

7. Bananas

8. Berries

9. Pineapple - Contains fiber

10. Cayenne Pepper - Rich in Vitamin A

Why The Immune System Needs optimum Health Nutrition?

Because It Protects the body

The human body consists of many organs designed to carry our specific functions respectively. These organs work in concert with one another and they all need nutrition to maintain and support them so they can function effectively.

One Of the Most Vital organs of the Body is The Immune System which protects the body from disease, infection, and illness. The environment contains many harmful invaders, and as we move around daily, the body is exposed to these harmful invaders such as; viruses, parasites, free radicals, bacteria, and microbes.

The immune system which is very complex by nature and design, is made up of different body tissues and chemicals. It uses these body tissues and chemical reactions to protect and defend the body from these invader that are very harmful.

Each harmful invader that tries to enter the body will trigger a specific response from the immune system which intern produces antibodies. These proteins that are called antibodies, defends the the body against these harmful invaders.

Feeding the body daily using the healthy recipes formula can help to boost the immune system.

The Immune system retains these specific responses of antibodies when a harmful invader threatens to enter the body and quickly dispatch and and repel that invader. As a result of the immune system storing these antibodies reaction in memory, it become automatic to defend the body.

The immune system needs these healthy recipes to boost it, nutrure it and maintain it so that it can carry out its function effectively to protect the entire body.

Important Statistics on the Immune System
Published by The American Journal Of Public Health 2000

The Immune System
Is Closely linked
to cancer

The second Leading cause of death in the united Stares.

CDC, 2011

Approximately 1 in 2 Males and 1 in 3 Females

will contract cancer
over the course of their lifetime.

American Cancer Society 2011

An estimated 23.5 Million Americans

suffer from autoimmune disease, and incidences are on the rise

US Dept Of health + Human Services 2010

Over 40 Diseases

Have been classified as
having autoimmune roots;
these diseases can be
both chronic and deadly.

National Institute
of Allergy + infectious
diseases, 2004

Autoimmune  diseases
collectively rank as
a Top 10 cause of Death

In women from
ages 10-64

American Journal
of Public Health,

Essential Nutrition To Nourish The Immune System

Healthy recipes to prevent Immune Issues

It is a well known fact that a healthy lifestyle is the main factor or key to maintaining a strong immune system.  The exhortation is to make sure you keep  the lowest free radical intake, and the highest antioxidants by avoiding processed foods and fatty meats.

The goal here is to maintain a powerful immune system that is capable to defend the body and ward off disease and infections by eating a wide variety of rich fruits containing antioxidants.

healthy recipes with StrawberriesStrawberries Healthy Recipes

Also a good source of seeds, nuts, vegetables, and lean proteins. It is advisable to stay away from any form of recreational drugs, and smoking which will intoxicate the body.

Because the body stress response can weaken the immune system, it is imperative to educate yourself by finding and learning healthy ways cope and deal with stress.

Nutrition extraction from raw fruits and vegetables provides the nutrients, vitamins, and minerals that can improve the effectiveness and power of the immune system significantly to protect your body against bacterial and viral infections.

Health nutrition recipes can be attributed to nutrition extraction from the raw fruits and vegetables we comsume daily.

It is a stated fact that "you are only as healthy and strong as your immune system."

Healthy Nutrition For Boosting the immune System

Dark Leafy Greens, Carrots, bell peppers

Almonds, Sunflower seeds

Citrus, broccoli, strawberries,  papaya

Vitamin A protects the body from infection by producing healing enzymes and moistening mucous membranes.

Pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, spelt, oats

These foods are known for their high level of Zinc, a nutrient that maintains white blood cell levels. It also helps to heal wounds in the body.

Vitamin E are fat soluble compounds that contains very strong antioxidants.  These foods are high in Vitamin E, and keep the hair and skin very healthy. These foods prevent cancers of the prostate and bladder and also Alzheimer's disease.      


Garlic contains antibacterial and antiviral properties known to prevent cancers of the kidney and colorectal cancers.

These foods are known for their high content of Vitamin C and are also known as the best booster for the immune system. Vitamin c helps in the production of white blood cells. White blood cells destroy invader that enter the body. Vitamin C also protect the joint and eyes and prevent some types of cancer. It is one of the most powerful antioxidants that repels or eradicate the formation of free radicals. 

Healthy Recipes To Boost the immune System

Vitamin A & Zinc Booster

Power Booster

Fighting the Flu

  • 1/4 cup of pumpkin seeds
  • 1 yellow pepper
  • 1 banana
  • 50% arugula
  • 1 cup strawberries
  • Add water
  • 1 cup papaya
  • 1 banana
  • 50% spinach
  • 1/4 cup rolled oats
  • 2 tbs sesame seeds
  • Add water
  • 1 tbs pumpkin seed
  • 1 cup strawberries
  • 1 tbs sunflower seeds
  • 1 carrot, peeled and cut into chunks
  • 50% Swiss chard

Healthy Nutrition For Reducing Inflammation

Based on the fact that the immune system is the body defense protector that fights and wards off infections and disease daily, it therefore plays an essential role in protecting our health. As a result the immune system must be nurtured with good nutrition such as using the healthy recipes to supply the required nutrition.

According to biological science, inflammation is an integral part of our normal immune response. It is stated that when the body experiences harm, it sends out lymph and white blood cells through the lymphatic system to permeate or flood the particular are that is affected.

Healthy Recipes are a combination of carefully selected foods specifically targeting inflammation in the body.

This particular fluid uses what is know as chemical reactions to specifically separate and remove the substances that is harmful to the body. It also restore the cells that were harmed back to their normal state.

There are some brief periods of inflammation know as acute inflammation that work to heal the body, while chronic inflammation, that exists for a very long time will put a strain on the immune and circulatory system, destroys cells, and also damages body tissues. 

Healthy recipes are specifically developed to feed the immune system with the proper nutrition and enzymes required to execute and expedite its functions accurately, precisely, and effectively. 

Diets high in unprocessed foods can cause chronic inflammation also to food allergies and food sensitivities. Chronic inflammation reduces the body ability to defend and fight off illnesses, thereby exposes the body to become vulnerable to contracting diseases resulting in the developing autoimmune disease.

This state exist when various health problems begin to develop and the immune system starts to attack the healthy tissues in the body.

Some autoimmune diseases include Celiac (gluten) Disease, Cirrhosis of the liver, Crohn's Disease, Lupus, Anemia, Psoriasis, Arthritis. and Type 1 Diabetes just to name a few here.

These healthy recipes can significantly reduce and reverse chronic inflammation by eating properly. However, consistently eating processed foods help in its development.

Cherries, spinach, blueberries

These foods contain high levels of antioxidants. They also contain high levels of flavonoids. These are compounds that are known to reduce inflammation.

Walnuts, salmon, avocado

These foods contain omega-3 fatty acids. They are known for intercepting the signals from the cell that cause inflammation.

Pineapple,  Papaya

These fruits are part of the bromeliad family. They contain bromelain enzymes known for reducing inflammatory responses.


Turmeric is known for its high content of anti-inflammatory  properties. It contains curcumin which is a compound that inhibits chemicals that cause inflammation. It helps the body when it is ingested , and also when applied to injuries and skin condition.

 Healthy Anti-Inflammatory Nutrition Recipes 

  • 1/2 cup avocado
  • 50% spinach
  • 1 cup papaya
  • 10 walnuts
  • add water or almond milk
  • 1/2 avocado
  • 50% spinach
  • 1/2 banana
  • 10 walnuts
  • add water

  • 1 cup papaya
  • 50% spinach
  • 1/2 cup pineapple
  • 2 tbs sunflower seeds
  • add water

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