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Thank you for visiting my site! I hope you find the information you are searching for will enhance your life from a nutritional and educational perspective.

                  How I became interested in Health Nutrition
                              For Wellness And Longevity

I was a lover of fruits and vegetables from a very young age. However, overtime I became allergic to some fruits and vegetables and as result, I was not getting the nutritional values such as potassium, minerals, calcium, and vitamins just to name a few.

Because I was unable to eat these fruits and vegetables to obtain the essentials nutrients to support healthy bones, I started to experience severe pain in my legs and thighs and was unable to walk. I cried day and night and thought I would never walk again.

My awareness for Health Nutrition to promote a healthy lifestyle propels and motivates me to search and find a way to obtain these enzymes needed in my body. Because of these reasons I find it relevant and appropriate to share this information about me with you.

It finally came together one night as I was watching television there was a presentation about a Nutrition machine that was not a Juicer, not a blender but a Nutrition Extractor that pulverizes and breaks the walls of fruits and vegetables and extracts the nutrients necessary for supplying the potassium, calcium, minerals, and vitamins to promote healthy bones.

At this point I was convinced that this was the solution to my problem and did not hesitate or procrastinate but ordered the machine immediately. Before I purchased the machine I was purchasing health products with a certain
company which helped to an extent but not enough to minimize or stop the pain. 

I became very excited to share my story about me because it allows me to provide and convey this information i believe will be of benefits to you.

Since I started using the machine, I became more involved and interested in Health Nutrition, Nutrition Information, and Nutrition resources some of which I got with my Nutrition Extractor machine. The information covered a wide range of topics on nutrition of which I have been exploring in its entirety.

Here is the Big Story about me, and I am excited and motivated to share it with you. I have been carefully following the recipes that came with my nutrition extractor and targeting the specific areas that affected me mostly while I still focus on other areas. Let me reiterate by stating that after carefully following the instruction, and consistently using the machine, my pain started to go away.

Today I am pain free and decided to extensively share this information via my website with as many people as possible who are experiencing health problems, also people who have not been experiencing any particular  health problem due to the lack of these nutrients, but would like to improve their health nutrition.

As a result of the foregoing information, my website "Health-Nutrition-for-wellness.com" was born. It is my sincere desire to provide relevant health nutrition benefits information that will help as many people as possible through this medium by way of information and education on a consistently basis.

Why This Website Was Created About Me

My passion to share my concept of Health Nutrition was the dynamic driving force and premise on which this website was created. After discovering a natural way to extract the nutrients from raw fruits and vegetables and in addition, applied it to my condition, and found out that it worked, was the second factor that motivated and drove me to create this website to spread the good news.

I am always a believer in getting my own first hand experience whether it be a product or service before I share or recommend it to someone. Therefore, on this basis I am confident and pragmatic to tell the world about it based on my experience. Again it is imperative that I convey my experience about me in a logical way.

My experience has certainly created the confidence to explore and write extensively about extracting health nutrition from raw fruits and vegetables that provide the health benefits the body and organs needed to function effectively.

How to Convey My Experience and Passion

At this point I became concerned as to how I would convey this information and passion to help people around the world. I was also excited to write this about me page, relating to my experience. The question that surfaced was, what methods and means would be appropriate and effective to convey the information and resources about the benefits of extracting health nutrition from raw fruits and vegetables?

I am a technical person with just basic knowledge of  "HTML language" which was below my ability to create a simple website,  so I was left with little or no option. 

However, I started in quest of finding a program that would provide the tools needed to create a comprehensive website. After many long hours of Research and could not find the right program that would provide the tools, I became frustrated to the point of giving up, but having a passion for health nutrition I told myself there must be a way. And there was certainly a way which was "Site build It" (SBi) that fulfilled my vision.

I came across site build approximately two and a half years before I even conceived the thought of creating a website to promote health nutrition. I was a subscriber of a blog belonging to a very highly successful blogger who promotes SBi and also speaks highly of it.

As a matter of fact, this online entrepreneurs who for many years have been consistently making a living online and has created a website using Site Build It which is also successful.  Here I am a few years later writing about me concerning SBi which is worth mentioning.

I signed up for SBi, listened to the videos and followed the simple information they provided.  Before long, this was what works the miracle of creating this website.  In one of the videos they spoke about getting traffic to your website which is the life blood for any business to survive and become successful. 

Sbi states that they will provide the tools, traffic, and support if I am willing to create and over deliver quality content to my readers. On this promise I was ready to go the distance and extra mile. 

I can now testify that SBi has come through on its promise by also over delivering the education and tools which certainly exceeded my expectation. I fully now satisfied with the education they have provided me in a simple yet highly professional way. Suffice to say, I am fully satisfied with SBI and recommend this powerful program to anyone desirous of starting their own business.

If you are looking for a way to create a website to convey your passion and concept to the world at large,  visit SBI Right here.  I sincerely trust the information I write about me will inspire and benefit you as you glean from it.


Thank You For Reading!

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It is my intention to spread the good news far and wide about " Health Nutrition for wellness " If you really like what you just read, then please join me in my effort to inform and educate the world. Your social media of choice proves the option to do so. You can also ask others to help spread the word.

By Using An Extractor You Will Discover:

1. The Power of Cellular Health Nutrition for wellness is the Life-Line to Optimum Health.
2. How To Use Raw Fruits And Vegetables As Natural Healing Foods For Ultimate Health.
3. How to take control of your health using Natural Healing foods for health and wellness

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