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Healthy Weight loss has now become one of the most popular subjects of late based on the fact that there are so much publicity such as television ads, thousands of articles being posted on the internet via Health Nutrition websites, and many more avenues helping to spread the word.

This has brought about a very high level of awareness, excitement, and anxiety of how to lose weight by following a pathway that is safe and healthy through natural means. As a result of this wide spread publicity, thousands of recommendation are surfacing as to which weight loss methods are safe, healthy, and effective, and most assuredly is what works.

Thousands of people are still going to the gym daily, but the numbers are slowing decreasing. What is causing this decrease?  The reason is because people are getting more education on the subject of "Cellular Nutrition" which specifically target the trillion of cells in the body.

Why Targeted Cellular Nutrition Is Essential
To Healthy Weight Loss

Contributory factor to Weight Loss!

The human body is created with trillion of cells that carry out specific functions within the body. We often speak of cancer cells, red blood cells, and white blood cells.

Total ControlTotal Control

These cells are the foundation on which the human body functions, and therefore they must be properly nourished in order for them to perform their various trillion duties in the most effective way. Conversely, if they are not nurtured with the proper nutrition, they will certainly become sick and incapable of carrying out their functions and die.

Healthy weight loss can be achieved through Cellular healthy Nutrition that helps you maximize your health because it provides healthy nutrients that nourish your cells with antioxidants, minerals, and essential vitamins. These nutrients all support the function of the cells.

A well organize Boot camp program can also enhance your daily workout as you follow the prescribe plan. It provides you with the resources to get you in the best of shape regardless of your present condition. You can explore, glean and benefit enormously from the wealth of resources at boot camp fitness guide.

In essence, it is at this juncture that cellular nutrition plays a vital role, an integral part, and an essential ingredient to the survival of these cells. It is also on this basis that cells depend solely on proper health nutrition as their source of nutrients to remain alive.

Based on these facts that, irrespective of your gym activities, if the cells are not properly nourished, they will not be able to perform and function effectively and as a result the body will not be able to keep up with the rigorous Gym activities designed around losing weight due to these inactive and dysfunctional cells.

The basic units of the body are the cells that provide the power and energy that propel and drive the body for all that you are doing both mentally and physically. 

To achieve your Healthy Weight Loss Goal, Proper Cellular Nutrition must be designed around your Weight loss activities in conjunction with working out at the Gym

In other words you will not be able to achieve your weight loss objective if your cells are not up to the level that will allow the body to perform, and as a result, will fail you not being able to stand up to the task.

A great way to begin To help you getting started, I suggest you take the time out and listen to the presentation Video below.

Healthy Diet Recipes For Personalized Weight Management

How to Lose Weight, Gain Weight, and Maintain Weight with Herbalife Nutrition Weight Management Formula 1 Shakes.

Herbalife nutritional Shake helps you to lose or gain weight while obtaining the essential protein, enzymes, and nutrients the cells need to function properly.

  • Have 1 shake a day
  • Eat 2 regular meals a day

Formula 1 Shake Recipe


Herbalife Formula 1 Shake Mix - French Vanilla (750g)

Successful Personal Testimonials

Thousand of people around the world have been experiencing phenomenal weight loss results using natural products that promote healthy weight loss, and have voluntarily shared their testimonials so that other people can gain the free education on cellular nutrition and benefit also by using the same natural products.

I have been using these natural herbal products now for many years and getting the same results. I am also a firm believer of these healthy weight loss products.

Herbalife Three Weight Loss Programs

Personalized Weight Loss Programs

Herbalife has three weight loss programs and are specifically designed to fit your needs. They are namely:

  1. ShapeWorks - Quick Start Protein Plus
  2. ShapeWorks - Advanced Protein Plus
  3. ShapeWorks - Ultimate Protein Plus

Herbalife ShapeWorks Quick Start - Protein Plus French Vanilla is designed for people who want to lose five to fifteen pounds (5-15 pounds). 

  • contains Formula 1 Nutritional Shale mix (550g) Various Flavors
  • Formula 2 Multivitamin Complex
  • Cell Activator
  • Herbal Concentrate
  • Formula 3 Personalized Protein Powder

Herbalife ShapeWorks Advanced - Protein Plus program is designed for people who want to lose Fifteen to Thirty pounds (15-30 Pounds).

  • contains Formula 1 Nutritional Shake Mix (550g) Various Flavors
  • Formula 2 Multivitamin Complex
  • Cell Activator
  • Herbal Concentrate
  • Cell-U-Loss
  • Total Control
  • Formula 3 Personalized Protein Powder

Herbalife ShapeWorks - Ultimate Protein Plus program is designed for people who want to lose thirty or more pounds (30 or More Pounds).

  • contains Formula 1 Nutritional Shake Mix (550g) Various Flavors
  • Formula 2 Multivitamin Complex
  • Cell Activator
  • Herbal Concentrate
  • Cell-U-Loss
  • Total Control
  • ShapeWorks - Sampler Pack (14 count)  
  • Snack Defense
  • Formula 3 Personalized Protein Powder   

Products That Promote Healthy Weight loss

Herbalife Total Control

Total Control is 100% Herbal, gives you the energy you need, and allows you to lose inches and at the same time you will not feel as if you are being deprived.

  • Benefits: Boost metabolism
  • Promote weight loss without irritability or restlessness
  • Build energy and soothe digestion

Total Control Boost weight loss and rev up your metabolism with this powerful blend of green tea, yerba mate, cacao, and 11 other powerful herbs.

Herbalife Total Control - Original, 90 tablets

Herbalife - ShapeWorks Quickstart Programs - Choose a Flavor

  • includes 3 Core Products:
  • Formula 1 French Vanilla 750g Shake Mix
  • Formula 2 Multivitamin 90 tablets
  • Formula 3 Cell Activator 60 capsules
  • Herbal Tea Concentrate

Herbal Tea Concentrate Original 3.53oz

  • Herbal Concentrate helps you stay energized while you manage your weight.
  • A refreshing tea hot or cold
  • Get an energy boost
  • Enjoy the benefits of green tea
  • Manage your weight
  • Low in calories and carbohydrates 

Herbal Tea Concentrate Lemon 3.53oz

Herbalife Formula 3 - Cell Activator (60 capsules)

For Healthy weight loss

  • Contains aloe, which may help support the body's absorption of micronutrients.
  • Supports cellular energy production.
  • Contains select botanicals, nutrients and powerful antioxidants to support healthy aging.
  • 30 Day Supply (60 Capsules)  


For Healthy weight loss

  • Reducing cellulite, anti cellulite, rid cellulite, cellulite treatments
  • Supports healthy elimination of water!!
  • Brand New, Factory Sealed. FRESH PRODUCT!!
  • Helps to maintain appearance of healthy skin!!

Juicing With Green Juice For Weight Loss

Juicing With Green Juice For Weight Loss

Juicing for weight is the healthy way to do that because it provides you with the essential natural enzymes and nutrients to the cells in your body.

Remember the cells are the building blocks of your body that stores the energy and nutrients. The natural green juice also provides the fiber the body needs.

Jessica provides a great presentation on how you can get started with green juice for weight loss.

Take some time and listen to her as she simply and profoundly explains how you can accomplish your weight loss goals with green juice.

Watch This Juicing For Weightloss Presentation

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Cellular Nutrition "For  Optimum Health 

Do not forget that cells determine our state of health, and are the building blocks of your  body that store the energy needed to function. They are often neglected and rarely spoken of. Often times we hear of cancer cells and sickle cells etc.  These are the very cells when attacked by these diseases create health hazards in our lives  and that's the reason why we should take preemptive action and nurture them to keep them  healthy. They must be specifically targeted with called cellular nutrition. Listen to Dr. Herber explains in a very timely manner the importance of cellular  nutrition how it impacts your life in a favorable way, and how it can work for you.

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