Watermelon Health Benefits For Wellness

Detoxing & Healing

Watermelon is the fruit that provides and supplies a large quantity of water. The human body contains 2/3 of water according to human biology which means the body must be constantly hydrated with water to maintain growth, health and wellness for longevity.

It contains 92% of water and 8% of nutrients which contains antioxidants. These nutrients consist of vitamin c, Vitamin A, and Lycopene. Lycopene helps to neutralize free radicals. 

The Health Benefits reduce dehydration and promote dehydration, helping the body to maintain a balance state of health.

The skin of this fruit contains one of the greatest sources of chlorophyll, the biogenic and it is often referred to as having great potential to heal the human body.

This is a very delicious fruit, and can almost refer to as a thirst quencher because of its high content of water. However, customarily a lot of attention has not be given to show how it is prepared for consumption, and as a result a significant portion of the nutrients are thrown away.

Generally, we always cut the red portion out, take out the seed, and consume just the red part which contains just a small portion of its food value.

watermelon for health benefitsApples for inflammation

It is said that 95% of the food values is in the stripe in essence the skin and White Rhine below the green shell. The skin is thrown out because if eaten in its natural state can result in a belly or stomach ache, because the body is not able to break it down without causing adverse and painful effect on the system.

Juicing With The Watermelon Skin

Thanks to modern technology technology which now makes it possible to benefit from the skin that contains 95% of the food values that would otherwise be impossible to achieve by eating it.

With the invention and availability of the Juicer, you can benefit from 100% of the food values from the whole fruit.  The juicer now makes all these nutrients available to you for consumption.

Very Vital Health Benefits Information to Know

It is imperative and vital to learn these nutritional facts when juicing this fruit. Prior to making this information available, when juicing this fruit, the Skin and Rhine were always discarded and only the red portion was consumed.

It's important to note that the skin and Rhine contain about  95%  of the health benefit and food values, and the Red portion contains 5% of the food  and health values.

Therefore, to get the maximum health benefits, it's important to juice with the Rhine and green skin which provide 100% of the food values that contains chlorophyll a protein link to the Rhine and also the white Rhine to the B Complex. The Rhine contains beta carotene which is said to be a cancer fighter.

After these nutrients are extracted from the fruit through your juice machine, it is imperative that you consume them immediately without storing for a long period.  You immediately benefit 100% from the watermelon health benefits and as a result, your blood stream per-disgustedly will be nourishing and feeding all the cells, the organs such as the bladder, the kidneys and the canal.   

Juicing contains the fountain of life that nourishes, invigorate, and revitalize the body. These nutrients certainly adds nutritious values to the longevity of the body.

Video Presentation - Healing and Detoxing With Watermelon Juice

It as often said that knowledge is power which is true, but it only becomes a reality when that knowledge is utilize and put into action. When that knowledge is possessed by someone and is not put into action then that knowledge is not power because it lies dormant. 

This video demonstration will provides information that will empower you to utilize that knowledge that will be gained here on how to juices watermelon to get the 100% food values and health benefits.

How To make Watermelon Juice With The Juicer

Jay Kordich is known as the father of juicing for many decades and has contributed substantially to the natural health arena. I have personally benefited from his contribution, including his video presentation which breaks down and makes it so easy to understand and adsorb the information.

I am pragmatic that his video below will provide you with some vital insights and information to enhance your health and lifestyle in a positive way.

Watermelon Health benefits are essential for hydration

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