Health Information To Educate and Inspire 

Health information is made available to educate people on health issues and to create an awareness of how they can manage and improve their  health.

Information is the key factor to help bring about that change of how a person can upgrade their health from poor to excellent.  Therefore it is imperative to provide the necessary and relevant education to achieve this objective.

If the level of poor health is to increase, then it is of vital importance to make this information available to every person and point them in the right direction by giving them a head start on how to begin the process.

The objective of providing this information is to motivate and inspire people to take care of their health, and also help then to achieve ultimate health. This can be looked at from an economic perspective also.

A country with a large percent of healthy people will contribute to the total gross domestic product and as a result help the country to growth and develop, while on the other hand, having a large percentage of unhealthy people will certainly retard the progress and eventually become a liability to that country.

Therefore, it's important to look at the broad scope of how health information can impact the population favorably and also adversely. In essence, and on this premise, more attention should be given to health information such as Nutrition facts.  

Conducted Survey on Obesity

  • A survey was conducted within the UCLA Primary Care Network and have shown that over 50 percent of patients are obese with BMIs of greater than 30. Among these, 58 percent have musculoskeletal pain such as knee pain or back pain.
  • Subgroups of patients amounting to 20 to 40 percent each of the total population have metabolic syndrome, hyperlipidemia, hypertension, or abnormal glucose tolerance. About 5 percent have sleep apnea, which can be fatal. 

According to the research, many of these problems respond to lifestyle change, nutrition and weight loss.  

The NIH-funded Diabetes Prevention Program demonstrated that a modest 5 percent weight loss among individuals with impaired glucose tolerance led to a 58 percent reduction in new cases of type 2 diabetes over a 5 year period.

Meal Replacement Work

The survey also revealed that the NIH LookAHEAD trial examining the impact of weight loss on cardiovascular mortality in patients with type 2 diabetes is successfully utilizing this strategy.  (Reference: Physician's Reference manual)

According to the manual, The Herbalife ShapeWorks Program latest nutritional science on Weight Management was applied from a personalized approach by individualizing protein recommendations which was also based on lean body mass.

The survey also revealed that when this science-based approach was combined with the motivational tools developed by "Herbalife," successful individuals achieve remarkable results. (Reference: Physician's Reference manual)

Differentiating Between Information Technology For Health
and Health Information for clarity

  •  These two are often confused.
  • The information technology for health is defined as the framework that is designed and used to manage health information.
  • It is also referred to as the exchange of health information which is carried out in a digital format.
  • Another aspect that helps to define it, is its ability to manage and store data of patients.

In the context of this article, it means to provide resources that will assist people  to take action and make informed educated decision to start eating healthily that will enable them to extend their lives through good nutrition.

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