Natural Healing For The Body To Achieve Longevity And Wellness

Natural healing for longevity and wellness begins with the mind and emotion, it means that the individual must be involved both mentally, spiritually, emotionally and physically.

You must deliberately display a level of awareness and consciousness with the objective of focusing on the condition that it is possible to get healing naturally. It is written that the body has the ability to heal itself when these criteria are invoked or applied.

There are three essential factors that play a very vital role, and they are the:

1. Immune system

2. The mind.

3. Meditation

Just like the scripture states that "it is with the mind that we serve God." Therefore we can appreciate the fact that the mind is the most powerful tool that is given to man through the power of meditation.

It is a fact that when a decision is made and finalized, it is said that the mind is made up. We achieve natural healing using the same process by conceiving the thought and then create the action by combining the criteria previously mentioned. 

What Is Natural Healing And How It Is Applied

Natural healing is the process of allowing the cells of the the body to repair any damage that is done to the body, mind, emotion, and spirit without the introduction of medicine. This is where the immune system comes into action and focus.

The positive state of mind activates and transmits the signal to the emotional and spiritual innermost being that responds and also distributes it to the conscious state of your entire being environment.

The key factors here is to maintain a high level of persistence, and at the same time be persistent. You must be consistent with the aim of achieving your goals that you establish and never give up, in other words keep your mind engage.

While the cells are repairing the damages, the immune system is protecting and guarding against any intrusion of foreign bodies.

We read and heard it many times where someone said "I fee so stressed out!" The fact is you cannot physically touch that condition but you can feel the impact mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

To expel this condition, you must consciously combine the forces of the mind, spirit, and emotion to diffuse the adverse and negative variables that create and caused this situation.

Video Presentation - The Importance Of Natural Herbs

I have incorporated this Video below for Education Purposes that brings a wealth of insights to inspire you on how you can improve your health through Natural Healing.

You must allow the mind to reach out into the unknown which is the deep recesses of your mind and meditate on positive things that will reverse these negatives, in essence neutralize them and bring them into subjection. In other words it will negate the factors that create the condition.

It is the act of creating the faith that is needed to permeate the sensation of your awareness that enables these variables to be activated.

So it brings us to the question of "What Is Faith?" We see where it is clearly stated in the Bible, according to Hebrews Chapter 11: verse 1.

The word of God, the creator of everything, including Mankind, both male and female, states that "Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen."

Therefor faith is the intangible Natural Healing Substance that is applied to the condition of the mind, emotion, and spirit to reverse the negative intruding parasite.

Let's not forget that the scripture also states that in "Him/God" we move, live, and have our being. 

Some Spiritual Activities To Do For Spiritual Healing:

  • Lock yourself away in a quiet place and Meditate on The Lord
  • Sing songs of a spiritual Nature - Gospel Songs
  • Read the written word of God - The Bible
  • Play spiritual songs - Gospel
  • Go on some fasting - Whether for hours or days
  • Communicate and reason With The Lord your maker
  • Commit Yourself to Prayer - Talk to the Lord about the situation
  • Read other books on Spiritual Healing
  • Listen to sermons on healing - Church, Radio, TV, CD, and YouTube

The Role Of Natural Fruits And Vegetables in Natural Healing

The Bible also refers to the Natural Herds by stating that it is for the Healing of the Nation. It is also referred to as Natural Medicine. This includes Fruits and vegetables.

Therefor it it imperative to remember that the natural fruits and vegetables play a significance and important role in the natural healing of the Body.

Your Whole body, and not just the symptoms must be properly nurtured and treated with the enzymes from the Herbs, Natural Fruits and Vegetables in order to maintain optimum health and longevity.

It supplies the entire body with the nutrients for strength. It enables and allows the body to carry out its function effectively and efficiently. These fruits are often  referred to as healing foods and medicinal Plants

Lets change gears for a moment, we often see and experience a lot of times when manufacturers, designed and created a motor vehicle, they always provide a manual stating the specification and  how the vehicle should be maintained.

These principles must be adhere to in order for the vehicle to function properly, and any deviation from those rules renders the vehicle to be exposed to malfunctioning.

Notice here that the emphasis is to follow the principles of the manufacturers prescribed instructions.

In other words, the manual is the key to maintain and sustain longevity of that particular vehicle.

Conversely, God the creator of Man has also given and laid down his prescribe instruction and principles of how we can and should use the mind to create Healing for the body inclusively.

These tools, Faith, Substance, and evidence are the dynamic and driving force that command the natural healing process of the body to take place

Most times it is because the mind is allowed to focus and looked into the adverse factors over a long period of time, that it basically overrides the ability to  dispel the inner thought that usually takes preemptive action, and as a result, sending it into recess mode. Physical healing and divine healing are also key factors in the preservation of optimum health, longevity and wellness.

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