Nutrition Extractor Versus Blender And Juicer

It's very important to know the difference between a Nutrition Extractor Vs a blender and a juicer. Often times there is a misunderstanding between these three.

They are all perceived to do the same work, in-terms of similarities and characteristics based on the fact that they rotate and crush your vegetables and fruits and seems to produce the same effect and result.

My objective and focus here are to raise the level of awareness regarding the difference between these equipment, and also to educate the user in order to make informed decisions when purchasing these equipment.

They equipment serves their specific purposes respectively, but you have to be exactly certain as to whether you want just juice without the fiber that is very essential, or you want all the fiber from your fruits and vegetables.

A quick explanation of the difference between these Equipment:

  • A Juicer makes Juice
  • A Blender makes smoothies
  • A Nutrition Extractor makes predigested nutrition 

To simplify the explanation, I will briefly show how they function in their specific and unique design capacity.

Nutrition Extractor Versus Blender And Juicer

  1. Making Smoothies With The Blender
  • The juicer is designed to blend the fruits until all the liqued content is extracted from the fruits separating the pulp or trash as it is normally referred to.

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After the juice is extracted, take note here that it disposes of the fiber that is essential for good health and wellness that aids digestion, but ends up into the trash bin.

This happens because the juicer blades are designed to compress the fruits and not crushing it into all liquid including the fiber, so a lot of the fiber ends up in the garbage. The benefit here is you still get the juice but lose a percentage of the fiber that is necessary for health and wellness.

However, most people do not really care about the result as long as they are getting the juice from the fruits, and that's alright.

It is at this juncture that you pause to realize how important it is to know the difference in order to incorporate Health supplements for wellness and longevity into your diet, and fulfill the good old adage of "prevention and implementation of Strategies for health and wellness" that "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure."

2. Juicing with the Juicer

  • A blender is basically designed with sharp blades that cuts through the fruits and vegetables without liquefying them.

A good example to demonstrate this situation is blending carrots to make carrot juice. After the carrots are placed into the blender you basically add water to liquefy the carrots. 

Nutrition extractor to enhance health and wellnessCelery for health and wellness

After the carrots are liquefied, you have to use a strainer to separate the fiber/pulp from the juice, and then disposed the fiber in the trash can, this is like throwing money and nutritional health benefits into the trash can. Some people use the fiber to make carrot cake.

The lesson to learn her is that all the that is separated contains a high percent of the health and nutritional benefits. The reason here is because the blender does not liquefy the carrots into liquid all because of the blades in terms of its design.

The Nutrition Extractor Aids The Digestion Process

3. A Nutrition Extractor

  •  It is not a Juicer, not a blender based on the fact that it is designed to pulverize, simply means to break apart the walls of the fruits and vegetables and extracts the nutrients.

The blades are designed to liquefy all the fruits and vegetable after adding your water or whatever liquid you choose.

Lets take the same example of the carrot and place it in the Nutrition Extractor then add your water.

It will turn everything into liquid and you don't have to throw out the Fiber in the trash can, but you are now able to obtain all the health nutrition benefits of the fiber.

You can learn the difference here between these three equipment based on their design and construction. Note that the blade of the Nutrition are not razor sharp, but basically blunt edges.

Another feature that separates the Nutrition Extractor is its cyclonic action that pulls the contents from the top to the bottom in a vertical manner. An example of a Nutrition Extractor is the Magical NutriBullet.

Nutrition extraction is referred to as the process of breaking the fruits and vegetables down to the extent where they are basically predigested. This makes it easier for absorption of real health nutrition from raw foods into the body.

Nutrition extraction is a great way to make sure that you are giving your body the essential nutrition it needs. This process helps the digestive system to easily absorb the nutrients because these fruits and vegetables are already broken down into a digestible state.

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