Health Benefits Of Grapes For Wellness

Health benefits of grapes should be given serious consideration because it supplies essential nutrients to the body.  They contain essential ingredients for the heart and It is also a protection for the good cholesterol through the body.

It also reduces the risk of Cardiovascular disease through the polyhenois that is in the skin. They are also a very high source of antioxidants.

The Nutrition Benefits provide the nutrients that protects the body from damage by free radicals that enter the body from the environment or even the food we eat that are unhealthy.

The first thing you should know about grapes is "How to Select The Good ones, something you should know upfront."

It is very important to emphasize immediately how to select the good delicious berries for consumption. Make sure to choose the ones that are plump and do not have any wrinkle.

They should be attached firmly to a healthy stem, have no leaking juices, in other word, they should be intact. The red ones should be mostly red and the green ones have just a slightly yellowish hue.

This fruit in many countries around the world is highly regarded as the "Queen of Fruits" and this is happening in many centuries.  It contains a wide variety of nutrition phyto-nutrients, health benefits namely;

  • Poly-phenolic
  • Minerals
  • Vitamins
  • and anti-oxidants

These small delicious berries when consumed, boost the immune system with it' strong anti-oxidant properties that repel and remove toxins such as free radicals from the body.

Even though apples is one of the most commonly consumed fruits that is found on may tables are the world,  is said to be consumed in almost the same proportion.

This fruit was originally grown in Europe and through out the Mediterranean  however, it can be found in almost every country around the world because it's cultivation has become very widespread. It is grown in basically three colors, and is described as:

  • White - Green variety
  • Blue - black variety 
  • Red - Purple variety

There are the seedless and the one without the seed.  It as also noted that the red and purple contain very anthocyanins, while the white/green ones contain tannins and catechin which are antioxidants properties and are found on the skin and seeds. 

Grapes Nutrition Health Benefits

As mentioned earlier,  these small berries contain two compounds that are rich in both polyphenolic phytochemical and are referred to as resveratrol which is a very strong antioxidants that protects the body against various form of cancers such as the prostate and colon.

It also plays a vital role against coronary heart disease , alzheimers disease, and degenerative nerve disease.  

Grapes are very rich in micro-nutrient minerals namely manganese, iron, and copper. Manganese and also copper contain some essential antioxidant enzyme, such as super-oxide dismutase.

These delicious berries with their strong antioxidant health benefits contain approximately 191mg  of potassium and electrolyte in there fresh state. It is said that 191mg of these berries in their fresh state is equivalent to 100g.

B-complex vitamins properties including thiamin, pyridoxine, and  riboflavin are found in these fruits. Also present in these berries are, vitamin k, vitamin c, vitamin A, and carotene.

Found in the Green and white grapes are Catechins which is a type of anti-oxidants, It is also referred to as flavonoid tanning.

Grapes contain a wide variety of benefits that the body needs to function effectively on a daily basis.

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