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Health Statistics is very important because it provides vital information and also raise an awareness of health issues that affect a broad spectrum of society. It is an old adage but it's true, "what you don't know can hurt you."

It is also said that "Learning only takes place when there is a change in behavior." Educating people is the key to success by providing the tools that will enable them to make and take decisive action to improve their wellness and longevity.

According to the American Cancer Society, half of all men and one-third of all women in the United States will develop cancer at come point in their lives. The American Heart Association states that over 82 million Americans suffer from some form of heart disease, and over 780,000 of these people die each year.

These figures are very daunting and tragic, taking into consideration that it is possible to prevent and reverse these diseases potentially by committing yourself to start developing healthy eating habits using healthy heart foods

  • Also research was conducted by Iowa Women's Health Study on the link between eating apple and the lowering of cholesterol.

Keeping Up With Health Statistics

The objective of providing statistical information is not just to inform you so that you can keep up to date with current problems and news, but to convey the true meaning and importance of eating healthy to minimize and even to eliminate the risk of developing these disease such as stroke, and heart attack that have been plaguing millions of people around the world.

In essence to bring a level of awareness to the forefront, we would like to motivate you to take your health into your hands by taking the necessary steps to implementing a healthy lifestyle for wellness and longevity.

We should become aware that we are not invincible but also vulnerable to these disease when we neglect to take positive action and as a result maximizing the risk of developing these health problems through negligence of not making use of the availability of the educational resources available.

Health statistics information for awareness.Strawberries for optimum health

As a reminder, it is important to start including a good portion of fruits and vegetables in your diet on a daily basis even you have to make it mandatory. Good habits are easy to form but you must be consistent with them.

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Vital News Relating to Health Statistics

The nutriBullet has discovered the need to help students improve and transform their health with a 90 day project. This information was

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    NutriBullet partners with University High School in Los Angeles, California to help students make healthy changes. Over the course of 3 months, students will be provided with a Blast bar and will make a nutritious NutriBullet Blast every morning. Given fresh fruits, vegetables and super foods, students are encouraged to branch out, try new foods and better their health.

    Stay tuned for The UNI Project series launch on October 29, 2013 and follow the progress on our social media networks.

I used the ButriBullet and it has transformed my life tremendously by helping me to walk again. I was allergic to basically all raw fruits and vegetables, as a result I was lacking potassium which supports the bone.  

Since I started to use it I now get all the nutrients and enzymes my body needs to support the various organs, tissues and cells.

I recommend the NutriBullet to anyone desirous to changing their health lifestyle to achieve ultimate health and wellness.

I feature this information because of my experience using the NutriBullet. and believe it is another bit of vital news relating to health statistics.

How To Increase Or Rev Up Your Metabolism

According to a study if you sit or stand at work plays an important role in your health and also your waistline as a part of your fitness routing.

Researchers in a study discovered that not been active for (4 hours or more) affect an enzyme that controls fat and cholesterol metabolism to near shutdown.

They suggested that in order to keep this enzyme active and also to increase your fat burning, it is imperative that you break up long periods of downtime by standing up. An example given is to stand up while you are talking on the phone.

I will continue to explore and add health statistics that will provide vital information to my readers and potential visitors as they are made available.

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