Type 1 Diabetes affects Mostly Children

With type 1 diabetes the pancreas produces little or no insulin and this is type is often referred to as insulin-dependent diabetes. juvenile diabetes, or early-onset
diabetes. This type of diabetes is not very common as type 2.

it is said that this type is basically 10% of all the cases of diabetes. People who developed it will have to take insulin injection all their life, and consistently do regular blood test and also and follow the path of special diet to make sure that they maintain a normal glucose level.

Search For Diabetes in Youth, issued by the CDC (Centers For Disease Control and Prevention) states that the prevalence of diabetes among under 20s in the US rose 23% between 2001-2009.

Based on this research and statistic, it is important to place great emphasis on healthy diet especially for young children that will help them to live a healthy lifestyle and prolong their lives.

Educational Presentation On Type 1 Diabetes

As mentioned earlier, the pancreas does not produce insulin in type 1 diabetes. The body needs insulin which is a hormone that helps the body to use blood sugar that is commonly known as glucose needed in order to convert sugar, starches and some other foods into energy that the body needs and uses to on a daily basis to function effectively. 

After the carbohydrate is broken down into glucose, it is then absorbed into the blood stream and transported to the trillion cell in the body. The insulin is very important because it helps the cells to absorbed the glucose that is in the blood which is used for energy.

Insulin therapy is now made available along with other treatment that contributes to the management of type 1 diabetes by even children with this condition. This helps to prolong their lives and also live a healthier lifestyle. It is at the juncture that you will realize that it is important to eat healthy in order to maintain a good and healthy lifestyle that enhances your health in general.

More Information On Type 1 Diabetes Educational Presentation

It is written that without a vision the people perish. Also you have to first know where you are going before you can ever get their. These words are logically true and that's why it is important to start educate yourself to prevent or avoid this condition from affecting your life.

It all starts with good education by getting the right information. If you are a person who do not like to read, then you can choose the option of listening to the videos to help you choose the right path to good health. With good care management, type 1 diabetes can be managed even by the individual.

Because it mostly affect children, it can certainly impact the whole family adversely. You can balance your insulin doses based on the type of food you eat couple with your daily activity.

The NutriBullet UNI Project For Children An Awareness to Healthy Eating

I highly recommend the nutribullet based on the fact that it has been helping people around the world to achieve optimum health, wellness and longevity.

One of the ways that it has been helping children even through the school system is through a project called the "UNI project.

Apples for type 1 diabetesApples for Type 1 diabetes

The NutriBullet UNI Project was designed to help children develop a healthy diet plan that will create healthy eating habits, provides the essential nutrients for energy, and give them the education they need to lead a healthy lifestyle.

The Project is also designed to bring about awareness that will help and encourage children to eat more fruits and vegetables that will transform their lives in a better and healthier way.

It is an education that will contribute to their health, wellness, and longevity by teaching them about the importance of eating right to prevent diabetes and other diseases that can affect their lives adversely.

A good way to start is to let children know how important it is to eat healthy  by not eating certain foods that do not contribute to making them feel better and healthier. 

Give them examples of some foods that contribute to good health, how it is prepared, and what it does to their bodies.

The emphasis should be placed especially on fruits and vegetables their types, and nutritional values.

A level of awareness can be achieved by constantly reminding children that they should eat vegetables every day to promote and enhance their well being.

Also, they can be constantly monitored to ensure that they are getting enough vegetables and fruits on a daily basis.

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