Nutrition Extractor Vs Blender-Juicer

by Sonia

I am very allergic to raw fruits and vegetables and unable to get the nutrients my body needs rebuild the cells and function effectively, so I have to use a Nutrition extractor instead of a blender-Juicer to extract the nutrients from the fruits and vegetables.

I was away from home and did not have my Extractor as a result, I used the blender-juicer just to get some nutrients. After I drank it, the blended juice started to scratch me.

Obviously the Juicer just chopped the fruits leaving a lot of fiber in the container. It just did not pulverized it.

When I got home I used the Nutrition extractor which pulverized the fruits and vegetables, by breaking the walls and extracted the nutrients. After drinking it It did not scratch me at all.

Have you ever had that experience? If so, please share it with us!


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Jun 03, 2014
My Allergy Greatly Improved This Year and is Being Reversed
by: Sonia

This year 2014 is the best year for my allergy which has greatly improved. I was always always fearful when spring time comes around as a result of the pollen.

However, this year i was able to walk under the trees with no fear whatsoever. This vast improvement is as a result of using the NutriBullet consistently through the years.

It has help me to build my immune system from the Nutri-blast I have been making and taking. It is not a Blender, it is not a juicer, it is a Juice extractor that pulverizes and breaks the walls of the fruits and vegetables and extracts the nutrients and enzymes.

Thanks to the Nutri-bullet that helps to reverse my years of being allergic to fruits and vegetable, and now I am getting all the nutrients into my system.

I have recommended the Nutribullet to many people who now purchased it and enjoying the health benefits it provides.

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