I Added two more Health Products to Optimize Your Health

by Sonia

Health is my greatest asset because without good health it is impossible to function effectively and be successful.

Based on this premise, I have added two more health products that will enhance and optimize my health.

1. The Dessert Bullet

2. The G6 Counter Top Water Filter.

No more sugar and lots of calories in my dessert. I can now have dessert and not feeling guilty. I have also eliminated the dairy products that I never had a love for at any time.

The human body contains 2/3 of water so it's vital drink a lot of clean water that is not contaminated with chlorine and other bacteria.

The G6 water filter sends the water through six level of filtration including the elimination of chlorine.

This process makes me feel very confident that the water I am drinking is pure and clean.

This bit of information is just to bring an awareness to ensure that you drink clean water and also to minimize the amount of calories you intake.

You can carry out your own investigation and research and add to the health knowledge so others can contribute and benefits also.

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Apr 14, 2015
Thank You For Your Contribution
by: Sonia

Hello Penny R. Maley.

The only option to achieve good health is to start taking care of it.

Thanks for leaving your comment, it certainly adds value

Apr 14, 2015
True information is shared
by: Penny R. Maley

I've found this very interesting and has a good stuff for the readers and designers. I would be glad to recommend the post for its quality content. Nice post.

Jul 15, 2014
Every Person Should Take Their Health Very Seriously
by: Anonymous

This is a well known fact that not having good health cripples and hinders your progress in life.

Most times many people become aware that taking care of their health is the most single important thing to do.

However, it is mainly when some health problems occur, that they begin to get serious, and sometime it is too late when the situation gets chronic.

Prevention is the best solution to optimum health.

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